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The Banquet Chef ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen for banquets and events. He plans, organizes, directs and controls the operation of the kitchen in order to ensure the achievement of the quality and quantity standards set by the company. Involved directly in the daily operations, he sees to the training and the good performance of the members of his Brigade.  By his leadership and Manager qualities, he develops and maintains team spirit and creates a strong sense of belonging. It maximizes yields and ensures continuous control of different operating costs.


Essential job functions:


• Conducts daily inspection of the kitchen and its parameters.

• Ensures customer satisfaction by the speed of service and the quality of the dishes presented.

• Acts as a trainer for members of the Brigade, mainly members of the management team. 

• Manages human resources within its Brigade (hiring, training, scheduling, work breakdown, performance evaluation, discipline, etc.).

• Oversees the application of standards of hygiene, safety, health and safety at work.

• Contributes to the planning and preparation of menus for banquets and events;

• Manage financial resources (preparation of budgets, control of operating costs, etc.) and material (management of inventories, procurement, negotiations with suppliers, etc.) allocated to its Department.

• Ensures the efficient management of the inventory of foodstuffs in order to ensure the quality of the products used and minimize the losses.

• Keeps track of purchases, quality of goods received, and provides vigilance with respect to theft.

• Communicates and collaborates with the dining room management team to ensure the overall smooth running of banquets and events.

• Maintains a continuous link with other hotel services and various internal and external stakeholders;

• Performs any other tasks deemed essential for the proper operation of the kitchen.


Qualifications and required skills:


·        Diplôme en cuisine d’établissement ou l’équivalent;

·        Minimum de 5 ans d'expérience dans un poste similaire;

·        Expérience significative en cuisine gastronomique;

·        Capacité à assurer un service efficace pour des événements regroupant de 15 à 250 personnes;

·        Leadership développé;

·        Sens de l'organisation;

·        Excellentes habiletés de communication.

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