Cashier / Customer Service / Food Preparation in St-Henri in a New Model Chinese Fine Grocery Store

Montréal, QC

Start date As soon as possible

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Part time Categories Service Counter / Kitchen Staff, Cook & Chef

About Teochew Foodie

Teochew Foodie is a family-owned start-up that aims to provide high quality Chinese food products to the Montreal Market. Most of our products are made at the store and are sold frozen or refrigerated so that clients may prepare them at home. A key part of our model is that we accompany customers through cooking instruction videos as well as enthusiastically answer customer questions. We are looking for candidates who would like to participate in this adventure with us and help us continue to grow our model and fulfill our mission. We also have a strong online presence through our social media accounts and our website (

Main Responsibilities:

- Provide exemplary service to our customers by answering their questions and assisting them in throughout their purchase.

-  Participate in the food preparation process, including wonton production, rice noodle roll production, etc.

-  Ensure proper management of the different aspects of the store.

Other responsibilities may include:

-  Coordination with suppliers for the delivery of goods.

-  Answering customer questions online.

Starting salary: 14$/hour + share of tips

Hourly salary can be increased if the candidate successfully takes on higher level tasks such as online customer service, proficiency in the production process and even copywriting/ad design. As we are planning on hiring more in the future, managerial & training responsibilities may also come into play down the line.


An ideal candidate would:

- Be passionate about Chinese food and a basic knowledge of different Chinese dishes.

- Demonstrate initiative and willingness to take on new responsibilities.

- Have some experience as a cashier, working in a grocery store or in a restaurant.

- Have some experience in customer service.

- Have interest to learn about the inner workings of a modern online food business.

Ability to work in French and English required. (Mandarin, Cantonese or Teochew is a plus.)

Our opening hours are 11 AM to 6 PM Wednesday to Monday and these would be the working hours. We are looking for someone willing to work part-time (around 20 hours a week) but this can discussed.

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Cashier / Customer Service / Food Preparation in St-Henri in a New Model Chinese Fine Grocery Store at Teochew Foodie

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