Cook Grillardin (New Restaurant)

Montréal, QC

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Full time , Part time Category Cook & Chef


The cook grillardin assists the sous-chef by performing various tasks involved in cooking dishes on the grill. In particular, he carries out the kitchen setting, prepares the dishes, seasonings and sauces, assembles the plates and maintains the cleanliness of the workspaces.


Job functions:

• Is responsible for cooking food on the grill;

• Performs the preparation of the ingredients necessary for the preparation of the dishes;

• Performs the implementation of the workstation in anticipation of different services;

• Prepares, cooks and season dishes according to the recipes and applying the appropriate techniques;

• Makes the plate mounting by ensuring compliance with the standards of presentation of dishes;

• Maintains storage and food preparation areas;

• Applies hygiene and sanitation standards;

• Implements occupational health and safety standards;

• Performs all other tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the kitchen.


Qualifications and required skills:


• DEP in institutional cooking;

• 2 to 3 years of experience;

• Strong interest in teamwork;

• Knowledge of different meats and their cooking;

• Ability to react well under pressure;

• Sense of organization.

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