Dining room director

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Full time Categories Manager / Supervisor , Maitre D, Manager

We are looking for a dining room manager to join our management team.   The manager will be working very closely with the chef-operator in overseeing and managing the all details relating to service in the restaurant.   We are an established restaurant preparing a move towards a more gastronomic experience and we are looking for people capable of applying the highest standards to their work.   

Job description

  • Install and maintain the highest standards of service ;

  • Install and maintain customer attentions ;

  • Manage the day to day service management tasks ;

  • Oversee dining room HR ;

  • Oversee and manage the dining room management team and service team ;

  • Standardise and optimize operations.

  • Minimum 2 years management experience ;

  • Minimum 5 years service experience in a gastronomic environment ;

  • Capacity to work with a team ;

  • Available full time.

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Dining room director at Ikanos

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