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Montréal, QC

Start date As soon as possible

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Full time Category Cook & Chef

Mezzmiz is a high-end Modern Lebanese kitchen looking for an Executive Chef for a 2 years contract, 40 hours per week. 

Address : 208 rue Migneron, Ville Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1Y7

Offered salary : 72 000 CAD per year (34,61 CAD per hour). 

Tasks description : 

  • Manage and maintain relationships with suppliers and distributors.
  • Create and maintain a team of motivated, hard working staff. Liaise with team members to ensure specific needs are being met and that a healthy work environment is in place. 
  • Cook on the line, train and supervise every team member. 
  • Create and maintain at least three different seasonal menus items in direct coordination with CEO  (spring, summer, fall) 
  • Quality control of all food leaving the kitchen and making sure all the kitchen crew produce the same consistency and quality of food. 
  • Keep up with industry trends. Constant research and self-development. 
  • Work within the budget as established by the finance division and to protect the parameters. 
  • Responsible to monitor and maintain the food and labour costs as per the agreed upon budget. 
  • Ensure safety and sanitations practices in the kitchen as per Canadian health and safety laws. Enroll in the relevant food safety program in view of obtaining a certificate; operating by those standards. 
  • Manage all Food and Beverage Staff and delegate tasks related to meal prep, cooking, and delivering food in a timely manner.
  •  Maintain the schedule for the staff and in line with the budgeted payroll. 
  • Hiring the kitchen staff to ensure your vision as a chef is being met with every meal 
  • Being a very hands-on leader in the kitchen. Lead by example on the line, mentoring and training your team as well as being present and engaged with the membership.
  • Travel for the development of the company across different territories which will be determined by the management.  
  • Preparing a detailed recipe book for every concept with a very detailed Standard Operating Procedures manual. These should be handed over to the CEO and they should be company property. All employees should be able to produce sharp recipes when given access to this file. 
  • Exclusivity of service to the company
  • Effective interpersonal skills, Excellent oral communication, Team player, Organized, Reliability, Initiative
  • Maintain records of food costs, consumption, sales and inventory, Analyze operating costs and other data, 
  • Etc. 
To apply, contact :
Megguy Perron 


  • Professional cooking diploma is required ; 
  • At least 5 years of work experience as an Executive Chef are required ;
  • Knowledge of French or English ;
  • Abilities in Molecular cuisine ; 
  • Extensive knowledge of Lebanese cuisine techniques and meals is required.

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Executive Chef - Chef exécutif at Cuisine Mezzmiz

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