Executive Chef

Wilmington, NC

Start date Juin, 2023

Job type

Full time Category Other

My wife and I are currently the owner of a French Bistro in Wilmington, NC. We are in the process of expanding to a full-size French Restaurant of 100 seats with a full-size bar accommodating up to 9 guests. We are therefore looking for French Cooking Chef to run the kitchen to serve the lunch and the diner crowd.


Even though experience in the field is preferable, it is not mandatory. Indeed, the motivation and the overall attitude of the candidate is the most important. The candidate will have to manage 3-line cooks, will be in charge of the prep schedule, making orders, coming up with weekly or monthly specials, following health department guidelines, keeping the kitchen operating in a good smoothly and stress less environment.  

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Executive Chef at Far from France

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