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Toronto, ON

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Full time Category Cook & Chef

Employer: ICON INK – Akira Back              

Position: Executive Chef                                              

Terms of Employment: Permanent / Full Time

Location of Work: Toronto, Ontario        

Salary: $75,000.00/year + 7.69% of tip pool

Benefits: Eligible for discretionary bonuses and increases in salary. Eligible to participate in Group Benefits including medical and dental.

Hours of work: 40 hours/week

Contact: Mellisa.tan@iconink.com




The Executive Chef will play a key role in defining Akira Back’s vision for high quality food and ensuring that it is delivered, with a hands-on approach where required, in a professional, safe and efficient manner, satisfying the needs of the individual restaurants and exceeding guest expectations. The Executive Chef will contribute to F&B profitability through the delivery of exceptional food products, by acting as a steward of the departmental resources and assets, operating with effective cost controls, schedules, processes and procedures. This position is fast-paced and requires flexibility to adapt to last minute business needs.


Responsibilities and Duties:



  • Providing operational support, by establishing measurable goals and objectives that focus on profit, product and people

  • Ensuring kitchen equipment is properly maintained and functioning by executing a weekly preventative maintenance check program

  • Implement a cleaning schedule in all kitchens and storage areas, and ensure Head Chefs maintain and provide weekly reports

  • Ensuring kitchen staff meet all food safety standards concerning sanitation and personal hygiene

  • Ensuring employees have all required certifications and training


Housekeeping/Inventory Management

  • Ensuring quality and details are being maintained by conducting frequent walkthroughs of all restaurants, kitchens and storage areas

  • Meeting with Head Chefs to review schedules, assignments, anticipated business levels and changes

  • Playing an active role within pre-established food and labor cost controls

  • Managing all aspects of procurement and inventory management, this includes:

  • Maintaining operational control of purchasing, receiving, purveyor list, and inventory of all kitchen items (food, small wares, equipment and specialty items)

  • Ensuring all food items are received and stored in a safe manner

  • Implementing and maintaining a standard invoice tracking and filing system

  • Maintaining relationships with suppliers and ensuring complete transparency

  • Working with the Head Chefs to implement and maintain processes to reduce waste

  • Working with the Head Chefs to implement and maintain a standard inventory process, and send regular reports to the Senior Management

  • Conducting regular audits to ensure the accuracy of the inventory process and generating reports to update Senior Management



  • Using leadership, communication and motivational skills, to build and develop an energized and engaged team

  • Working with the F&B and Marketing Managers to evaluate pricing strategy and make adjustments based on seasonal changes, ingredient cost and sales mix


Food Production

  • Working with the Head Chefs to engineer menus for the restaurant effectively

  • Working with the Head Chefs to ensure timely delivery of content for menu production for the restaurant to the F&B and Marketing Managers

  • Developing new menu items with the Head Chefs that reflect the theme and market segments that each restaurant attracts

  • Testing and writing recipes in a standard form

  • Maintaining a standard process for menu and recipe changes in line with company guidelines

  • Ensuring approvals from all relevant parties are obtained prior to launch of new menu items

  • Ensuring the Head Chefs launch new menu items in a timely fashion with appropriate training for kitchen and service staff

  • Oversee Head Chefs to ensure recipe cards, production schedules, plating guides, photographs are current and posted

  • Oversee Head Chefs to ensure kitchen staff prepare menu items following recipes and yield guides, according to department standards


Labour Cost Control

·         Fostering and promoting a meaningful and cooperative working environment through constant training, development and performance management

  • Working with the Head Chefs to implement development opportunities and ensure succession planning

  • Ensuring the appropriate staffing levels at all restaurants

  • Reviewing calendars and forecasted sales volumes to make the necessary adjustments to staffing levels

  • Ensuring the Head Chefs are managing their staff efficiently by utilizing salaried staff where appropriate and otherwise optimizing their resources

  • Implementing training programs with the Head Chefs to improve process management with the view to streamline opening and closing duties

  • Implementing and maintaining processes to reduce prep time

  • Ensuring sufficient information on menu items, including ingredients, allergens and tasting notes, are current and provided to the GMs

  • Working with the Head Chefs and GMs to provide training and tastings for service staff to enhance the guest experience, ensure appropriate sales mix and increase sales of high profit margin menu items

  • Maintaining awareness of industry and competitive trends

  • Providing the necessary resources and ensuring the Head Chefs engage kitchen staff in maintaining awareness of industry and competitive trends, as well as specialized information relevant to the theme of each restaurant

  • Independently running off premise events of 100 guests or more

  • Ensuring all interpersonal concerns are escalated appropriately per the ICONINK reporting process

  • Ensuring adherence to all established ICONINK policies

  • Acting as a representative for and maintaining the high standards and reputation of ICONINK at all times


Weekly Meetings


·         Attend weekly meetings with Senior Management, GMs and Head Chefs of the restaurants to communicate all issues/concerns.

·         Meet with the Head Chefs prior to each weekly meeting to complete and prepare the meeting/review the following:

·         Review issues/concerns from EC

·         Review of calendar

·         Review of forecasted sales volume

·         Staffing concerns

·         Labour cost – for previous month

·         COGs/CGS – for previous month

·         Upcoming menu changes


·         Culinary arts degree is required

·         Premium Sushi restaurant experience required

·         Experience as an opening team member of a restaurant

·         Passion for service excellence and a commitment to creating an exceptional employee experience

·         Knowledge of Japanese cuisine is required

·         Strong business acumen with a proven track record of cost control including food equipment, labor and wastage

·         Previous leadership experience in the culinary field is required

·         Computer literate in Microsoft Windows applications required

·         Strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities

·         Experience with off premise catering

·         Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment

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