Floor Manager/Supervisor/ Maitre D

Montréal, QC


We are a long-standing restaurant located on Crescent Street in Downtown Montreal. We are in search for someone who seeks to create a memorable experience for our employees and guests. We are looking for a person who has a strong work ethic, a high level of integrity, a concern for quality and a sense of customer service.

Job Summary:

The Restaurant Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of the food and beverage division. This person will direct, implement and maintain a service and management to guide the staff. He/She will also be responsible to select, train, evaluate, lead, motivate, and coach all employees in the restaurant.


-->Strategizing creative concepts on a monthly basis

--> Developing partnership with local businesses and business models that accomplishes the restaurant sales targets

--> Responsible for hiring and training of the restaurant staff and fostering cooperative working climate

--> Encompasses the experience to budget the revenue efficiently

--> Bonus on sales is additional

  1. Bilingual
  2. Min. 3-5 years of experience as restaurant manager 
  3. Leadership 
  4. Communication skills 
  5. Strategic Planning 

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Floor Manager/Supervisor/ Maitre D at Devi Restaurant

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