Foxy is looking for a grill cook!

Montréal, QC

Start date As soon as possible

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Full time Category Cook & Chef

Foxy is looking for a grill cook! 5 nights per week. Starting right away. Totally wood and charcoal fuelled cooking. Must be an independent and reliable person. Beautiful kitchen, fun ambiance, and hard working people awaits. If you're interested please email resumé. Tips are added to your wages.

Foxy recherche des cuisinier pour le grill! 5 soirs par semaine. Commence tout suite. Four a bois et grill au charbon exclusivement. Besoin d'etre quelqu'un de fiable et indépendant. Belle cuisine et super ambiance vous attendent. Interesse? Envoyez votre resume par email. Pourboire ajouter a votre pay.


full time, independent, experienced cooks!

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Foxy is looking for a grill cook! at Foxy

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