Head Chef

Minden, ON

Start date May 1st, 2020

Job type

Full time , Seasonal Categories Caterer, Cook & Chef

Summer camp catering company looking for Chef for season 2020.

We feed over 600 people every day, every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks)

Live on beautiful camp setting right in the nature, very close to Minden, ON and Haliburton for 23 weeks.

Contract starting May 1st and ending October 8th.

Room and board provided at no cost.

One vacancy only.

Salary to negotiate, from $24.10 to $34.10 CAD per hour.

40 hours of work per week.

Must live on site, since it is a rural area and remote location, early starts and no public transportation is available.

Must speak English.

Minimum education must be completion of College in the field. Bachelor’s degree in the field is a great asset. Equivalent experience will be gladly taken into consideration.

5 Years of experience as a Chef.

Able to supervise up to 20 people in different areas of the kitchen.

Creation of menus and new recipes.

Criminal record required.

The work conditions include: Fast paced environment, working under pressure, meeting tight deadlines, handling heavy loads, Attention to detail, physically demanding (standing for long periods of time). Could be noisy, at times hot and/or cold.

The head Chef we look for is clean, punctual and reliable. Responsible. Great oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, Team player, Flexible, Organized, Dependable and has positive initiative.

Must be able to: Maintain records of food costs, consumptions and sales. Maintain inventories. Make food and kitchen supplies requisitions. Prepare and cook food on a regular basis or for special guests or functions. Prepare and cook meals or specialty foods. Train staff in preparation, cooking and handling food. Prepare food for customers with special diets, food allergies or intolerances. 

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