Kitchen Manager

Brossard, QC

Start date As soon as possible

Job type

Full time Category Manager / Supervisor


In addition to shift management responsibilities, the Kitchen Department Manager is responsible for making sure the restaurant delivers great quality food to our Guests in a fast efficient manner. This manager makes sure our food is always safe, that our cost of food is controlled, and that all kitchen staff are trained in production procedures, including new and promotional items that are added to our menu.

The Kitchen Manager is also responsible for making sure the team meets production targets, such as Production Speed, Food Quality, and Accuracy.

Performance Measurements

Review the department scorecard to determine the relevant performance measurements annually.

Responsibilities – PRIMARY SYSTEMS


· Review guest count and sales projections

· Complete pre-shift checklist

· Complete positioning plan (VSPT)

· Agree on shift targets during pre-shift with area managers; follow up on execution of the plan

· Conduct shift huddles daily

· Manage from the Observation Post

· Identify danger zones, diagnose and provide direction and coaching

· Conduct QSC travel path a minimum of every hour

· Connect with guests along their travel paths

· Maintain/adjust positioning according to positioning guide

· Follow up on primary and secondary duties of crew and managers

· Conduct post-shift analysis


· Develop and follow plan for proper arrangement/organization of grill area equipment and stock

· Ensure proper positioning of crew based on positioning guides and enforce primary and secondary duties.

· Monitor prep person process (update amounts, training, identify opportunities to optimize)

· Verify that production charts are current and used daily

· Ensure proper training and execution of all production procedures

· Plan for and deliver training and communication for promotions to crew and managers in the department

· Monitor and coach to correct production procedures

· Monitor cabinet levels

· Monitor UHC for correct holding times

· Monitor finished food quality


· Monitor and coach to correct service and guest experience behaviour procedures

· Seek guest feedback during travel paths

· Document guest complaints and action taken in log book

· Follow guest recovery process when necessary



· Monitor and report progress on department goals and objectives using Department Scorecard

· Prepare for and participate in weekly manager's meeting

· Conduct weekly department walk-thru to assess performance, diagnose opportunities and identify actions


· Complete manager's monthly food safety checklist and correct any issues observed

· Follow-up on operational procedures related to food safety complaints

· Check that pyrometer kit includes all components and is working

· Coordinate with training manager to make sure all staff are trained and verified in food safety and sanitation procedures using Food Safety CDP module and SOC

· Follow-up on pest prevention program

· Prepare restaurant team for health inspections and follow-up on action items

· Build/maintain good relationship with local health officials


· Keep electronic ordering system accurate

· Complete food orders for purveyors (Clearview)

· Communicate and verify use of stock organization plan

· Oversee and verify delivery accuracy and proper product rotation

· Monitor raw and completed waste, food promo, T- reds, employee and manager meals, and condiments

· Verify that raw and completed waste is tracked on every shift

· Analyze food cost components and develop and communicate weekly food cost action plans to managers and crew (including food promo, condiments)

· Submit food over base/food cost/stat reports weekly/monthly

· Complete daily and weekly food inventory

· Complete monthly inventory

· Order operating supplies and monitor budget


· Conduct assigned follow-up SOCs daily


· Write IDP goals for self

· Complete agreed upon training and development


Minimum of 2 years of management experience

-MAPAQ certification
-First Aid certification

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Kitchen Manager at McDonald's (CB3 inc.)

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