Montréal, QC

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Job type

Full time Category Manager

Nature of the work

The manager plans, organizes, directs and controls the day-to-day operations in order to maintain a restaurant that meets Bâton Rouge standards, ensures the satisfaction of our customers and creates a positive work environment for employees.

 Main functions

  • Ensures compliance with Bâton Rouge standards
  • Complies with established budget forecasts
  • Ensures the control of deposits and of petty cash
  • Deals with customers concerns and complaints
  • Maintains an effective work environment by collaborating and communicating
    effectively and by facilitating meetings with employees and supervisors
  • Implements all promotional activities
  • Ensures the training of new employees and the development of current employees
  • Ensures all Bâton Rouge manuals are updated
  • Ensures compliance with Bâton Rouge employee manuals, labour laws and regulations,
    organizational regulations and health and safety work standards
  • Establishes the work schedule
  • Recruits and hires personnel
  • Evaluates personnel


A high school diploma may be required. This type of employment requires 3 to 5 years of experience as team leader in a dining room or kitchen or a management position in retail. The ability to quickly grasp complex situations, an understanding of operations, attention to detail, a facility with numbers, the ability to think critically and make decisions and an openness to change are required. Bilingualism, interpersonal skills, collaboration, leadership, verbal and written communication skills are also required.

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Manager at Restaurant Baton Rouge

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