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The Blue Sky Kitchen

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Start date: March / April 2023

Full time , Part time

Service Counter / Kitchen Staff, Caterer, Cook & Chef , Manager, Other

Montreal, QC

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Job description

Have you had enough of the long hours, the late hours, not seeing your loved ones? Looking for more of a balanced life?


Looking to perhaps CREATE and try new things?   To get back to what you loved about being in a kitchen so many years ago?


We are an overseas company that has been in a modern niche within the food industry for the last 9 years,  We are not a start-up.  Furthermore, when you hear what we do you will simply say "wow that is great idea".  Nah no-one does it here because they never built the software to manage the ... insanity.     

We are in Montreal (in fact the big boss is a Montrealer) and we are about to lease a location in VSL - we will then renovate and make a modern large kitchen and warehouse.      A kitchen NOT a restaurant.        We are not restaurant people.  We are simply GOOD FOOD people. We are passionate about what we can do with raw materials and we have experience doing this.  Are we tech company?  yes.   Are we a food company ?  Absolutely!


The hours will be reasonable - there is a zero pressure environment.   There are no last minute rushes.  This is all according to a master plan.  Oh, we NEVER sell any HOT food and yet we will eventually have 500 products (in 18 months time).   FRESH / FROZEN & DRY - this is where we focus on and we love the opportunities with raw meat.     We have super bad-ass sophisticated software to help us manage our food production.   It will be a fucking great ride.    We are psyched and pumped.   


Interested ?  email us. 


No, we don't need you right away, maybe in March or April (we still have a quick renovation to do)  but we will need a KITCHEN MANAGER and we want to meet you now and get to know you.     We would expect you to start 1-2 months before we actually start selling products.   


The KITCHEN MANAGER has to be able to do some light production early on.  Must know the products.  As time goes on this manager position runs the show, does little or no production and there are appropriate pay raises.    This is a serious position and we expect years of experience in a kitchen and with admin.   

BAKERY / PASTRY    We need a someone who is able to do the most basic of bakery work.  Cakes in trays, cookies, Nothing fancy - we have recipes but we would expect the person to have some experience.  Pastry is not full time but there is so much other work that you will be see many aspects of production.  It is so basic that we have no problem teaching basic kitchen staff.  BUT if you have pastry knowledge then lets chat it out.  Depending on your level, there is more to discuss.

BASIC KITCHEN STAFF - Over in Shanghai we had 35 basic kitchen staff.  We were running a SWEET operation.   Yes no breads.. just sugar or sugar replacements.     10,000 sq ft of kitchen and storage and it was AWESOME.  We were smoking hotter than hot.     Motherfucking covid controls in China for the last 3 years screwed us big time and the boss closed it all down.    But the project is super cool and it makes sense to move it overseas.   We have our knowledge and our plan.      Do we need 35 staff today ? No that would be crazy.  But we need a few to start the ball rolling.    

Right, this ain't your typical bullshit ad.  Why?  because we will work this montreal market.  Oh we will attack and it will be glorious.  Tons of new fun approachable food ideas.  All different types of food and intelligent production and gorgeous packaging.   Back in Shanghai we controlled 7 websites, 9 food brands and bricks and mortar locations.  And we sold 99% to foreigners.. you know westerners.   They are gone, left China cuz China is screwy.   We are now here and we LIKE what we see.     Bingo Bango .. contact us ...   oh.. if you simply loved reading the ad, contact us and tell us about yourself.  We are a spiderweb of ideas.  

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