Restaurant Assistant Manager

Toronto, ON

Start date As soon as possible

Job type

Full time Category Manager / Supervisor

Employer: Konjiki Ramen

Position: Restaurant Assistant Manager

Terms of Employment: Permanent / Full Time

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Hours of Work: 40 hours/week

Language: English

Benefits: Eligible for discretionary bonuses and/or increases in salary.

Salary: $24.04/hour





·         Building sales by developing loyal customer advocates by providing a consistent, predictable Guest Experience;

·         Managing daily operations by using opening and closing duty lists;

·         Monitor and review staff performance;

·         Communicating expectations, motivating and developing staff members;

·         Fostering an atmosphere of hard work, discipline, respectful communication, cooperation and positivity amongst all staff;

·         Managing staff effectiveness and developing their skills by conducting food preparation training;

·         Estimating the monthly/weekly usage of different type of food ingredients/supplies and place order request in a cost efficiently way;

·         Keep searching for new food local/japan ingredients to recommend to head chefs/chefs/Japan headquarters to make new menu items;

·         Designing and budgeting for all private events/summerlicious/winterlicious events to calculate food costs and quantity needed for operations;

·         Contacting local breweries/wine suppliers and arrange them for potential food pairing menu and sponsorship;

·         Working with health regulatory and AGCO regulatory officers to walk through all health inspection and ensure we have a clean and safe environment for our workers.

·         Communicating and negotiating arrangements with Japan head office and Canadian Franchise corporation for operation flows and improvements;

·         Working and communicating with Marketing Director for new product promotion and launching campaign;

·         ensure health and safety regulations are followed

·         Handling customers inquiry about products and history of the brands (from Japan) and working to resolve customer complaints;

·         Taste products daily to ensure high-quality standard;

·         Control inventory, monitor revenues and modify procedures and prices

·         Auditing the accuracy of the POS (Point-of-Sales system) and menu items.

·         Preparing and analyzing sales performance data and customer feedback;

·         Controlling cash and other receipts; and perform cash clearing procedure for the end of day closing process;

·         Incorporating Japanese culture into the menu items and promoting/educating customers about our food and drinks to the local market. 


·         Supervisory experience in a restaurant

·         2+ years of experience in the food sector

·         2+ years of experience in customer service

·         Experience working in a high-volume restaurant, fast-paced, Japanese Restaurant. 

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Restaurant Assistant Manager at Konjiki Ramen

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