Restaurant manager/gérant

Westmount, QC

Start date April

Job type

Full time Category Manager / Supervisor
*Seasonal Job* 6-7 Months. 
We are looking for a professional manager to be responsible for all service operations for our restaurant at the Mount Royal Tennis Club in Westmount during the summer season. 

Applicants will need to demonstrate : 

⁃ Being bilingual to accomodate all members
⁃ Strong leadership skills to lead the waiting staff
⁃ Excellent communication and customer service skills
⁃ Experience in a similar management role

The responsibilities include but are not limited to : 

⁃ Training the waiters in accordance to our high customer service standards
⁃ Responsible for day to day restaurant operations
⁃ Effectively delegate jobs and responsibilities to restaurant staff
⁃ Communicate directly with the General Manager on a regular basis
⁃ Direct contact with our chef to ensure the vision of the restaurant is being shared
⁃ Leading team during events
⁃ Scheduling of staff 
⁃ Work with management personnel to plan and organize club events
⁃ Alcohol and beverage inventory
⁃ Be the face of the restaurant by getting to know members and exceed their expectations 


- Bilingual

- Multiple years of experience in a similar role

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Restaurant manager/gérant at Mount Royal Tennis Club

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