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Toronto, ON

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Full time Category Cook & Chef

Employer: ICONINK – Akira Back               

Position: Sushi Chef                       

Terms of Employment: Permanent / Full Time

Location of Work: Toronto, Ontario        

Salary: $65,000.00/year + 3.85% of tip pool

Benefits: Eligible for discretionary bonuses and increases in salary. Eligible to participate in Group Benefits including medical and dental.

Hours of work: 40 hours/week





The Sushi Chef will play a key role in supporting the Head Chef and Executive Chef in defining Akira Back’s vision for high quality food and ensuring that it is delivered, with a hands-on approach where required, in a professional, safe and efficient manner, satisfying the needs of the individual restaurants and exceeding guest expectations. The position is responsible to oversee the entire kitchen operation including the alternative restaurants and the crew kitchen by initially monitoring all food preparation, presentation and delivery over the course of the day, and ultimately carrying the mandates and program as dictated by the Head Chef. This position is fast-paced and requires flexibility to adapt to last minute business needs.


Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Ensures the efficient operation of food production areas in the kitchen, constantly analyzing quality of food production and preparation in accordance to company recipes

  • Produces and maintains the highest food quality and control for all food products served in all areas

  • Assures on-going training and that the high standards set by the Executive Chef/Head Chef are followed and assist them where necessary

  • Work closely with the General Manager in order to execute a smoothly functioning restaurant, in a strive to consistently optimize guest experience

  • Will oversee the requisitioning process to ensure proper usage of ingredients


  • Ensure standard operating procedures are being followed in the kitchen

  • Will monitor working hours and fill out report of overtime for payroll purposes

  • Inspect deliveries, ensuring quality is to satisfaction

  • Responsible for the control and maintenance of all equipment distributed to the cooks that need to be cleaned and sanitized after each service and returned to the Chef’s Office

  • Oversee the preparation, presentation and is physically present during service

  • Responsible for the setup of the Food Line for the Restaurant Personnel, ensuring that there is enough variety and quantity

  • Be instrumental in organizing an efficient flow of production. Check all daily events, delegate and follow up

  • Constantly thrive to upgrade the food quality and presentation and establish the necessary controls that would assure a high level of quality and consistency

  • Taste all foods on a daily basis and make necessary changes. Food needs to be ready for service 15 minutes before opening time


  • Check all food storerooms daily. Assure that food is well rotated and “first in” is “first out”

  • Ensure that all Cooks are in proper, well-maintained uniforms, with special attention to those working in public areas. Personal appearance and hygiene must be according to Company


  • Understand and abide by the Health & Safety standards

  • Ensure that the kitchen cleaning schedule set up by the Executive Chef is followed by everyone after each service and exercising proper methods to prevent equipment damages

  • Enforce ‘Clean as you go’ work habits on all stations

Human Resources

  • Participate in the training of new hires, and maintain good practices amongst the team

  • Work as a team member. Does not make any changes without the knowledge of the Head Chef

  • Report any incidents, accidents, issues to Head Chef, and ensure it is recorded in employee records

  • Advise Head Chef on any changes, improvements, promotions suggestions for the benefit of the operation

  • Secondary school is required. Culinary Arts diploma or degree is considered an asset.

  • 2-3 years’ experience as a sushi chef is required

  • Premium sushi restaurant experience required

  • As per business requirements – flexibility required with significant time investment during periods of heavy business demand

  • Requires mental stamina and acuity

  • Positive attitude and inherent coach for the team

  • Troubleshooting when service issues arise

  • Ability to apply pressure when needed

  • Long periods of standing and walking

  • Repetitive use of hands, dexterity, bending down

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Sushi Chef at Iconink - Akira Back

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