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Empathy in Leadership, Life, and the Hospitality Industry

Empathy is one's ability to understand and share someone else's feelings, and in a time where machines replacing people in the workforce has become quotidian, stands out as uniquely, and beautifully human. This topic was chosen, because in the context of hospitality, empathy is observed as a… Read more
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Requirements And Equipment To Start A Catering Business

If we go back in time, it would feel incredible to say that catering as an alternative to host a feast dates back from China a few thousands of years in the past. At first, it was not meant to be a business, but through time the need for reliable means to regain energy in the Silk Road gave rise to… Read more
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When Does the Guest Experience Start?

Think back to your last trip and the happiness, excitement and anticipation that you felt about it… Now think about when those happy feelings started.Was it as you sat at the airport, waiting for your flight?Or was it the moment that you landed on the tarmac in your destination?Or was it when… Read more